Pretend - Illustration Friday

Need i say more.

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janie zei

Boys and their toys, cool illustration

Rui Sousa zei

Beautiful one, really great work, very plastic!

Hajnalka Cserháti, Ojni zei

Congrat! It's nice and funy alsoo! I like the character!

ArtSparker zei

Striking, Funny and charming.

Vanessa Brantley Newton zei

I still like pretending like this. Very cool illustration. Very nice style you have.

rachel zei

like him very much! I have one of those at my house!

Lynne the Pencil zei

Love this. really good answer to the topic and a great technique. Like his slightly sinister face under that mask!

M G zei

once again, lovely work :)

Paula Mills zei

lovely work, great style with a sense of humor

manon gauthier zei

Great! beautiful, as always
and as always I love it! : )

manon gauthier zei

Hi,I tagged you on my blog!go and check it out! ; )