Strings - Illustration Friday

Strings; the fiddle player at your restaurant table. Won't go away untill you have given him all your money.

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Anoniem zei

Very Nice. You have a very unique style. I dig the textures in this piece as well.

Anoniem zei

like your style and creativity!

Kris-Tea zei

Beautiful illo! :)

Anoniem zei

Beautiful work! nicely done =)

Cecilia Levy zei

very good!

Zórdís zei

This violin player deserves all my money, with all the krisis he will need it more than I.

Very nice style, just love his face!

damon zei

cool drawing

Annika zei

Wonderful! I love the perspective and the colors. You have such a personal style, I really love it.

Senta zei

Very nice, I love this!

milo zei

wonderful linework

studio lolo zei

I really like your style!

Ratlion zei

I like his body language, and I like your style!

kathy hare zei


Vincenzo zei

GREAT idea and draw!!!

Danielle Barlow zei

I know that guy!
I love your style :)

Denise Gallagher zei

Lovely work!
Very expressive!

Mark Cavell zei

Love your style, fantastic illustration

Dragana Savkov - Bajić zei

Wow! I love your illustration! Excellent! Love your composition, texture, colours, your character... everything, actually!

lil kim zei

i love this! great character.

Maandag zei

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone.