Clique - Illustration Friday

It's all about wearing the right shirt. Makes a rather odd class picture though and the guy with the red hat on should beware of being too innovative.

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Anoniem zei

Brilliant! - I love it!

kathy hare zei


Maldito Columpio zei

Very nice draw!
I did this to my little sister for a halloween costume. She and her friend were the "Child with two heads"... my father's sweater didnt survive that nigth. :D

Vincenzo zei

wow great draw!!! i like very much your style

Edrian zei

Great idea! I really like the guy with the red hat!

Juan zei

Beautiful illo. Nicely executed!

Dragana Savkov - Bajić zei

Wow! I absolutely adore your illustration! Excellent job!

DK zei

very cute. love the characters.

Sarah Ackerley zei

ooh, I love your linework. I went through some of your older posts too. Very nice! Great style.

Unknown zei

Lol! Love the style.

Paola De Gaudio zei

Wonderful style and a very clever illustration!

krisztina maros zei

so wonderful style, i love it!

Mark Cavell zei

Fantastic take on the topic and a wonderful illustration. Love it.

manon gauthier zei

I like your work so much !
i put your blog url on my love list on my blog ok?